Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that has 8+ new gourmet foods. it is $12/month (this one includes the $2 shipping). 

They have a different theme each month and your box has both samples and full sized items.
I really like this monthly subscription box because they donate a meal to a hungry child with every box that is ordered. So you get to try some new foods and help someone out in the process... can't go wrong there.

3 month- $36
6 month- $66 only $1 for shipping (I've included it in this price)
12 months- $120 shipping is free

The descriptions from the items in my box are from the Love With Food Website! unless otherwise stated...

The Honest Company has few different subscription boxes. They aren't like other subscription boxes as you can select exactly what you'd like them to send you and how often you'd like them to send it to you.
I have both the Diapers/Wipes ($79.95) and the Essentials ($35.95) sent to me. Although I don't have the diapers sent to me each month, I do try and receive the Essentials bundle each month.
The Essentials Bundle has five items that re non-toxic, personal care and home cleaning items. You are even able to add up to three extra items each month. Those three items are 25% off!!!!

All of these items I received for ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!! I didn't pay for anything. Nothing for shipping either!!!
Here is a list of websites that I use to receive these items for FREE!!!!

Hunt 4 Freebies
Von Beau

It usually takes a few weeks or a few months to receive the items, but it really is just that simple. There aren't any tricks or anything to it. You just go to their websites, find what you want and punch in your information... Then they'll send it out. 
Sure there are some that you have to be members of their store to receive the product, but over all, I've had great success with these websites.