Broken Computer

My ramblings about a broken laptop, subscription boxes piling up, blogs to be written, and Colorado's flood!!
On August 30, 2013 I went to use my computer to upload a YouTube Video and to write another blog about my latest subscription box that I received in the mail. Much to my surprise when I went to turn my laptop on... it didn't turn on. This is what I was left looking at...


16 Month Old Boy

Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription for newborns all the way up to 5 years old!
They include 4 or more products that are selected for the age and stage of your child... not to mention gender as well!!

At Citrus Lane they are passionate about finding the best products for kids and parents, and then sharing them with us!!

$25.00/ month (billed monthly)
$75.00/3 months (due up front)
$125/ 6 months (due up front... that comes to only $21/box)

To get $10 off your order (I get $10 too) Visit their website HERE

All product descriptions are from the product websites!!

Conscious box has three different options: Vegan, Classic, and Gluten-Free
Each subscription box is the same price. If you chose the 3, 6, or 12 month plan, the TOTAL amount for that period is due upfront.
1 month $19.95/month
3 months $18.95/month ($56.85 total)
6 months $17.95/month ($107.70 total)
12 months  $16.95/month ($203.40 total)

*from their website*
Conscious Box is your personal discovery service for healthier choices. We sort through hundreds of natural goods like snacks, beauty and cleaning products and pick only the best. Every product must meet our standards. That means all natural ingredients and zero GMOs. We always aim to support sustainable, fair trade businesses.

You choose a box type: Classic, Vegan or Gluten-Free. Then we send you a boxful of our top picks every month. Find new favorites to fill your home with healthier options.              

All product descriptions are from the Conscious Box's website unless otherwise stated!!!


16 Month Old Boy

Stork Stack offers boxes from the Third Trimester to 3 years old. They cater to the age and gender of your child, as well as the experiences you encounter each month. They even add a little something for mom in their each month as well.
They have 5 products in them each month.

$27.99/month (Billed Monthly)
$83.99/ 3 months (Due up front) They donate 1 additional box to a family in need with this option
$167.99/ 6 months (Due up front) They donate 2 additional boxes to families in need with this option
$335.99/ year (Due up front) They donate 3 additional boxes to families in need with this option

Okay, so what am I Talking about when I say that they donate a box to a family in need??? Exactly that, They give back. He're is what they say on their website...

"Stork Stack Gives Back. Becoming a parent also means that you become part of a very special parenting community. When we were first-time parents, we turned to our friends in the community for advice, ideas and support. It was that same spirit of sharing that motivated us to start Stork Stack.With that in mind, we also wanted Stork Stack to be part of a cycle of giving. Stork Stack Gives Back partners with great philanthropic organizations to ship smiles and deliver Stacks of love to families in need."

Check them out HERE
Use the Referral Code AF7E02C3 and we'll both receive $10 off. You'll get yours off the box that you order, and I'll get $10 off the next box that I order!



Great Coffee Good Vibes Pass It On

Hey guys, I'm a BzzAgent... So, I received some FREE K-Cup's in the mail to try!!! I'm not that big of a coffee drinker, and since my husband is away at work, It took be a bit to drink them up... Okay... okay... So, I have a couple left, but I've bought other ones, or received some FREE via my FREE SAMPLES (check out my other blogs), but... It was PRETTY GOOD!!!

They don't pay me to voice my opinion, I just say what I Feel about a product... No lies... If I don't like it, then I'll tell ya. If my kids, family, friends, husband, don't like the product, then I'll let you know as well... They don't care what I say about the product, as long as I'm Respectful, Honest, and that I let people know the 411!!!

Being a BzzAgent has been pretty fun, and I've been able to try some cool things, and some pretty useful things as well!!... Here's what they have listed on their website about being a BzzAgent...

We’re an international network of consumers who voluntarily participate in word-of-mouth (WOM) programs for a variety of products and services. Basically, we’re a community of communicators.

It’s what we call word of mouth. It’s what we all do every day. It’s the sharing of honest opinions about a product or service between two or more people both online and offline.

The short answer: try products and services, then share your honest opinions about them with people you know. The “won’t fit in a tweet” answer: we find the products and brands that you’ll love and give you a way to experience them, then you share your thoughts about them by starting natural, genuine conversations with real-life friends and online buds via sites including Facebook, Twitter and blogs. You get to try awesome products, your friends get to learn about awesome products and awesome products get even awesomer by listening to your valued feedback. Oh, and did we mention the better you participate, the more awesome products you’ll get to try? Awesome!

Check them out for yourself HERE