Received my first Bluum Box while I was on vacation. I couldn't wait to get home to see what was in it. I was impressed with what it had in it and I will be keeping my subscription to it. Bluum cost $25/ month, and as of right now you need to be invited, or request an invite. Lucky for you, I am inviting you... Just go there and you should receive an e-mail for a membership.

Earth Friendly - Baby Ecos
I received a 4oz bottle of this. I haven't used it yet, as I just did my son's laundry before opening up the box. It doesn't have a smell, which his probably a good thing for babies or little kids. The directions say to use 1 oz for HE washing machines and 2oz for regular washing machines You can use a drop or so to help rub out some stains and can be used in any temperature of water.

Book - Brain rules for baby
So I wouldn't have ever bought this book if I found it in the store. I was the one who bought the 'What to Expect' series. It doesn't seem like a bad book. The front cover says "How to Raise a Smart and Happy Child from Zero to Five."
I have two children in that age range. My son who will be 1 next week and then I have a daughter who is 3 1/2. I have yet to read it; however, I did skim through the introduction. I will probably read this, but with three kids and it being summer I don't have a lot of free time unless it's nap time.

Ella's Kitchen - Nibbly Fingers-Apple/Strawberry
I have never heard of Ella's Kitchen, so this was a first for me. My son is at the age where he likes to do finger foods. So this was perfect for him. He wasn't so sure of it at
first since I have yet to give him anything resembling a granola bar. After a few bites, he enjoyed it and wanted another one. I will probably be looking for these or other toddler granola bars in the future.
**UPDATE 8/3/13**
He loves these and goes crazy for them when he sees them in the cupboard... I can't buy these locally, but thankfully I can at Target when I head up to see my husband in Wyoming...

Child's Play - Ants Go Marching Cd
I played this for my son, he didn't seem to dislike it but didn't seem to enjoy it either. I'll still play it for him and see if his opinion of it changes. My daughters did listen to it as well and enjoyed it. I am babysitting my friends two sons today and they enjoyed it as
well.  I wonder if because they are all older (6 and 3) they liked it better because they understand music a little bit more. I'm not sure. I guess I'll find that out as I play it more for my son.

Little Learners - Peek-A-Boo Friends
My son's birthday is next week, so he will be receiving this for a present; however, he really enjoys books, so I  don't see why he wouldn't love this book as well.  **UPDATE 8/3/13**
 He will bring me a few books for me to read him, and this is one of those books. He seems to enjoy it, and my step-daughter has read it all by herself too.

Banz - Banz Kidz - Blue
This will also be one of his birthday presents. This is sunglasses with the straps that Velcro on to help keep them on your child. My son doesn't keep his sunglasses on that long but they are the regular type that  you or I would wear, but child size. So maybe with the help of the Velcro he will keep them on longer. I will update you guys in a couple weeks to let you know how it went.
**UPDATE 8/3/13**
I've tried to put these on him a few times... They don't stay on. He takes these off
just the same as other glasses.

Funktion - Grab Bag
I like the idea of this. It is waterproof and has an anti-bacterial lining so you can put your wet clothes or swimsuits in it. I am using this right now as a holder for the littler items for my son's birthday party. After his party I will be placing this in my diaper bag. Right now I use those little plastic sacs that they sell in the baby isles to put wet clothes
in. After next week this will be what I use. It is big enough that I can place all 3 of my kids wet clothes in it and probably still have room for some more. 
**UPDATE 8/3/13**
 I used this bag on my last vacation. I placed my husband's swim trunks, my 2 piece swim suit and swim shorts, both of my daughter's two piece swims suits, and my son's swim trunks in the bag along with my pj shorts (I don't know how they ended up in there but noticed them when I went to put the items in the laundry)... I was able to close it and probably had room for a couple more items too!!!

So, this is the first time that I have done a review on my computer (Others have been via my smart phone) I think I will continue to do it via the computer. It is a little handier and I can write more on my reviews for you guys.

Until Next time

~Cristina AKA Stay at Home Mom of 3

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