Conscious box has three different options: Vegan, Classic, and Gluten-Free
Each subscription box is the same price. If you chose the 3, 6, or 12 month plan, the TOTAL amount for that period is due upfront.
1 month $19.95/month
3 months $18.95/month ($56.85 total)
6 months $17.95/month ($107.70 total)
12 months  $16.95/month ($203.40 total)

*from their website*
Conscious Box is your personal discovery service for healthier choices. We sort through hundreds of natural goods like snacks, beauty and cleaning products and pick only the best. Every product must meet our standards. That means all natural ingredients and zero GMOs. We always aim to support sustainable, fair trade businesses.

You choose a box type: Classic, Vegan or Gluten-Free. Then we send you a boxful of our top picks every month. Find new favorites to fill your home with healthier options.              

All product descriptions are from the Conscious Box's website unless otherwise stated!!!

Conscious Box products don't contain any GMO's, highly processed foods, or products with unsustainable manufacturing or production. They are created with products that support healthy living, sustainability, social responsibility,and a more conscious living.
They have 3 different types of boxes. Classic, which is what I receive... Vegan and Gluten Free. 
They are $19.95/ month. Each box will have 10-20 products that are full size and sample size!

The product reviews are from the Conscious website unless otherwise stated!!

Conscious Box is a monthly subscription box that is $19.95/month. 
***Disclaimer... I only paid $7.95 (the price of shipping although for the monthly subscription box it is included into the $19.95 already). I used a promo code to receive the box for free. I believe the code was FIRSTBOXFREE... Try it out for yourself.***
***UPDATE 8/15/13*** Try ONEFREE if the other code doesn't work. I just saw that on facebook.

Use to check out their website, I receive credit for you using my URL and signing up. THANK YOU!!!

Conscious Box has three different boxes that cater to your needs. Classic (Which is the box that I received), Vegan, and Gluten Free. They have 10-20 products each month. Their products don't have any GMOs, highly  processed foods, or products with unsustainable manufacturing or production.

The boxes are created with products that support healthy living, sustainability, social responsibility, and more conscious living. 
According to their box, they are "packed with LOVE, 100% recycled, Ink for Veggies, Say no to GMOS, Labels are BPA-Free, and 1% for the Planet.

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