I am posting this a little late because I have been busy helping my sister-in-law move and then we went on a vacation. Here is my YouTube video of when I opened up my box. It is for a 1 year old boy.

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I am planning on giving my son the hat and water toy for his birthday so I don't have a review for those yet.
***UPDATE 7/18/13***
The Hat retails for $15 at iplaybabywear.com and the water toy for $10.92 at  habausa.com He actually keeps the hat on, which surprises me. We haven't played with the toy in the tub yet, I keep forgetting it. He loves to play with a cup I have in there, so I'm sure this'll be used a lot too. Have played with the water toy outside of the water. He enjoys the rings on the handle.

My son absolutely loved the 'Happy Munchies' rice
They were blueberry and beat. I gave him those as a snack while we
were on our vacation. They came in very handy!!
***UPDATE 7/18/13***
I went to following website which it states on the information packet happyfamilybrands.com and you can't order  any from them. They do have a link to the closest place where they sell them  which would be my local Wal-Mart, but I don't recall ever seeing these there. I  did go to the following site diapers.com/ and found them for $3.59/bag. 

I have yet to use the sunscreen although I probably should have as I got burnt a couple days before our vacation started  but thankfully the kids didn't.
***UPDATE 7/18/13***
 This retails for $15.00 for 2.7oz. at episencial.com. 

***UPDATE 7/18/13***
The total for the above items is $44.51... So I think I got my $25 worth!!!

I did add on an item for this months box. I'm not sure if that is an option each month or what, I guess I will find out next month. :-) The item I added on was playful Wash. It is a shampoo and body cleanser that smells like tangerines because of the tangerine oil in it. I used it on my son while on vacation. He seemed to like it and it did not bother him at all.
***UPDATE 7/18/13***
This retails for $9.00 for 8oz at episencial.com/

 ***UPDATE 7/18/13***
 I went to the website for the sunscreen and playful wash, to see what they retailed for and I saw that you can get a 5pk sample for only $5.00... They say for free, but if you have to pay (I'm assuming it's for the shipping and handling... maybe tax. who knows) it
really isn't free. You get 5 of their best selling products... Trial size of course. but doesn't sound like to bad of an idea!!

 ***UPDATE 8/3/13***
 I did purchase their trial pack... Please check out my other post HERE to see the free samples that I received which include the trial pack from Episencial.

 Until next time
~Cristina aka Stay at home mom of 3


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