I have been excited to receive my box this month. I received my e-mail telling me it was on its way, and have been looking at the doorstep for it. LOL

Citrus Lane is a subscription box aimed towards newborn-5 years old. The items are geared to suite their gender and age. It is $25 per month, and the products you received are worth more than the $25. My son is 1 year old, and enjoyed his box from last month, so I can't wait to see how he likes this month's box.

If you would like to check out Citrus Lane and subscribe yourself check out my referral link HERE. I do receive credit for your purchase. THANK YOU!!!

Here is my YouTube video of my son opening up this months box.

The Products

SUMO Snack Stacker from ZoLi
There are three containers that hold up to 8oz. They screw onto each other and can even be added to more. Retails for $18.00 at zolibaby.com

I like these. I usually have the puffs or some other toddler snack that comes in its own
container/package. I can bring Cheerios or some type of fruit with us for him to snack on now. THESE WILL GO IN MY DIAPER BAG!!!
**UPDATE 8/3/13**
I used these on our last road trip to put some grapes in. The kids
absolutely loved them. Was very handy having them already portioned out and in a
container that I can reuse... and have reused for more grapes. LOL

Cool It Buddy Instant Cold Pack from Me4Kidz

This is a 2pk of single use cold packs. Make sure that all the contents are on the bottom, and squeeze making sure to rupture the activator inside. Next, you shake it to distribute it
to make the pack cold. Retails for $2.99 for the 2pk at shop.me4kidz.com.

I don't think that I'll put these in my diaper bag, but I think that they'll end up in my car. Unless I head to the park that is 3 blocks from my house, I'm usually in the car, so what better place to have them since we have reusable ones in our fridge and freezer.
**UPDATE 8/3/13**
These are in my car, haven't used them yet; although, I've about had to a few times. :(

Nibbly Fingers from Ella's Kitchen
  These are 100% organic, are free from preservatives, concentrates, juice, hydrogenated fat and artificial ingredients. They are easy for my son to eat. I do however tear of a small bite for him to eat; although, I'm confident that he can probably bite them off himself since he does have his front 8 teeth.
They come in 4 different flavors; Cranberry + Acai, Bananas + Raisins, Mangos + Carrots, and Apples + Strawberries. They retail for $3.99, $4.99, or $5.39 (Not sure why they are different pricing) for the package of 5 at ellaskitchen.elsstore.com if you use the code EKCITRUS, you'll receive $5 off when you purchase $25 or more through 12/31/13.
Like I said in the video, we received a box of these in our Bluum box (the Apples + Strawberries) and my son absolutely loved them. So when he saw these he kept trying to grab one... even after I stopped recording. I did give him one and he wanted another.
He loves them that much. I have purchased the baby food squeezable pouches from
Walgreens in the past for him, so I do like Ella's kitchen. I hadn't realized
that we've tried other products till I looked them up online. :) Once we run out
of these, I will be buying him more since he does enjoy them that much, and they
seem to be pretty healthy.
**UPDATE 8/3/13**
Unfortunately I can't find these locally. I can however purchase them at Target when I go and see my husband in Wyoming. When we move up there they will just be across town... My son absolutely loves these and I have a small stock of them for him.

Peek-a-Boo Turtle from Melissa & Doug
This toy is crafted of wood and has child-safe dyes. The legs and head snap underneath. Your child should be able to learn object permanence and hand eye coordination naturally through play with this turtle. Retails for $9.99 at melissaanddoug.com.
My son kept trying to play with this turtle and my 3 year old kept taking it from him and playing with him. Looks like a quality made product that should last with children
playing rough with it. Not sure if this will end up in the diaper bag or in his box of toys... but I am leaning more towards the diaper bag since it is small enough to not take up much room but will keep him entertained.

Postagram from Sincerely Inc.
You can turn your pictures into postcards, and you can do it from your smartphone, which makes it
easy and convenient. You can pop out the picture (Like the one with the two kids and the beach ball above). I receive 10 free postcards from Postagram which retail for $9.90.
You have to sign up for an account and pay before you even get started, so I didn't really check it out. (didn't use my promo code either) I'll have to check this out later,
because it seems like a good quality picture. Defiantly better quality than a normal postcard or even a regular picture... that is if what I received is what they send out.

The box retails for $44.87 (with the $9.90 credit for the 10 free postcards).
So, I really think that I received my $25 worth in this months box.

Until next time,
Cristina AKA Stay at Home Mom of 3

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