I receive offers several times a week from FreeFlys that I can choose to accept or reject. They are for free products that they mail me, or for a coupon to receive the product for free from the store. They range from food samples, beauty samples, children samples, health samples, and other samples. I've posted my YouTube video along with pictures of those products with a description of them.
I will be honest, I did pay shipping on two of those products... The Honest Company, and the Episencial. They were under $5 for the shipping, but the products were free, so I have included them into this blog.


Free Samples!!!


Keurig K-cup from Maxwell House, the flavor is French Roast and it is from  the Café Collection. It is 100% Arabica Coffee.. The box shows that they have 3 new flavors... House Blend, French Roast, and Breakfast Blend. I haven't tried  any of the Maxwell House flavors, nor has my husband. I can't wait to try this item.
***UPDATE 8/12/13***
This was pretty good, and although I'm not a big coffee fan, I would purchase this again. My husband was home when I tried it and he liked it as well.


Tums Freshers Antacid Cool Mint flavor. This is New from the Tums company. They state "Sometimes our favorite foods give us heartburn and food breath. Those are two things you want to get rid of fast. That's where TUMS Freshers comes into play. It's the only TUMS product that not only relieves heartburn fast, but also freshens breath at the same time." I also received a $1.00 off coupon that is on
each of the two samples for a 25ct or larger off of the tums.

*Man, where was this product when I was pregnant with my son... I probably could have used the freshens breath part of the tums too. :) I don't really need this product right now, but I am sure that someone I'm with could need this product, so it'll go into my purse.


With these Scotch-Brite disinfecting wipes, you don't have to rinse the surface afterwards if food is going to touch afterwards. They are Botanical  disinfecting wipes that kills 99.9% of household germs. It can be used around kids, pets, and food. It has a breeze scent. They are "suitable for use on all hard, nonporous surfaces where bacteria or unpleasant odors are a concern including: countertops, food preparation surfaces, floors, appliances, garbage cans, changing tables, highchairs, cribs, children's toys, toilet seats, and pet habitats." as stated on the back of the sample.

 I also received a $1.00 off of 2 Scotch-Brite Botanical Disinfecting Wipes. I will be buying these products the next time that I go to the store. I use Disinfecting Wipes all the time around my kitchen, bathroom, and dinning room table.


One Schick Hydro Silk Disposable razor that is NEW to the Schick line.. 

Also a coupon for $2.00 off of any one Schick Hydro Silk Disposable Razor, and $2.00 off any one Schick Hydro 5 Disposable Razor. I will be buying those products because of course, both my husband and I do use razors. I like the feel of the razor, and I am actually in need of more razors so this came at a great time.

***I Paid $4.99 for the shipping
of the following free item***


Use the code HEALTHYBABYTIME at checkout for $5 off + free shipping. This code is good till March 1, 2014 and is only for one time use by EACH customer!! So please
tell your friends, because they'll receive the $5 off too!!!


Playful Wash (Shampoo + Body Cleanser)-
This item is enriched with natural
calendula + moisturizing tangerine oil. it is pH-balanced to be eye-safe and quick rinsing. Their website states that anyone can use this product and contains aloe for extra sensitive skin.
***UPDATE  8/12/13*** I have received the full size bottle before in my June Citrus Lane Box, and I still love it. It has the tangerine smell to it and I think that does it for me... It smells GREAT!!! It isn't harsh on my kids (6 years, 3 1/2 years, and 13 months)... I keep it in my diaper bag... Which really means the only time it gets used is when we're out of town. When my full sized bottle runs out and this sample runs out, I will be ordering more!!!
Soothing Cream-
Organic creamy lotion for itchy bothered skin. This product doesn't have  a scent, and has a calming calendula and raspberry butter that restores moisture balance, while nourishing probiotics and neem oil fortify and soothe developing skin. This product is for all ages as well.
Snuggly Lotion-
This product is for all ages as well, and is a silky light moisturizer for everyday use. This lotion locks in the skin's hydration with a non-greasy nourishing moisturizer. The soothing borage seed oil helps boos your skin's immunity while the avocado, flax, and primrose oils soften and condition your delicate skin. Smells like berries.
Mighty Shield-
This product is for all ages, however, they state to check with your doctor for use with anyone under 6 months.  Mighty Shield  helps keeps little bugs and critters away. It uses your own skin's natural defense system to help keep your skin bug-free. It is a lightweight and non-greasy  moisturizer.
Sunny Sunscreen-
The sunscreen is for all ages, and is UVA/UVB protection, water resistant for 80 minutes. of sprinkler--proof fun.  Apply 15 minutes before your sun exposure, then reapply after 80 minutes of swimming or sweating, immediately after towel drying or at least every 2 hours.

***I paid $5.95 for the shipping
of the following FREE item***

Honest Company
(This link will give me a credit once you place an order that will go towards my own monthly subscription being cheaper... Thank you!!)

With their products and packaging they strive to be 100% plant-based and sustainably-sourced.  Source natural, organic, sustainably harvested, renewable, pure raw materials are used for their products. They have all their
products and packaging that are made entirely of plant-based materials.
Their diaper are super-absorbent, Eco-friendly, and contoured fit. They have designs for both boys and girls from Newborn through size 6. They also have training pants for
2T/3T, 3T/4T, and 4T/5T, as well as reusable swim diapers in size S, M, L, XL.

They state their wipes are thicker, stronger, more absorbent, & softer medical-grade
cloth.  They don't contain any parabens, chlorine, phenols, or risky chemicals!!!

Healing Balm-
Soothing protection & relief for
sensitive skin & diaper rash.  It is an all natural, certified organic oils + extracts + beeswax. It is versatile & safe to use on diaper rash, irritated skin, eczema, minor cuts & scraps... and much more. It is hypoallergenic, certified organic, vegetarian, biodegradable, pH Balanced, and
naturally non-toxic.

 Hand Soap-
It is a natural, hydrating & soothing hand soap.  Safely clean, product and soften skin with essential organic lemongrass oil & grapefruit seed .botanical extracts.  It is a low-suds lather. No harsh chemicals, all natural, non-toxic, biodegradable, pH Neutral.

Face + Body Lotion-
Nourishing, calming, & hydrating moisturizer.  The organic olive, shea, jojoba & safflower oils hydrate & restore the  skin's natural moisture balance. It is perfect for all skin types, sensitive,  dry & allergy-prone. No harsh chemicals, hypoallergenic, vegan, plant-based,  biodegradable, pH Balanced, Non-toxic.

Laundry Detergent-
Superior hypoallergenic laundry care. It is naturally clean stubborn stains & life's unexpected messes without toxic chemicals or  synthetic scents. it is perfect for babies & sensitive skin . It cleans  stubborn stains, dirt, food, and life's unexpected messes. contains a neutral  pH, it is non-irritating to skin & doesn't discolor clothing. Naturally
Non-Toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, pH Neutral.

Shampoo + Body Wash-
Ultra-pure 2-in-1 hydrating hair and foaming body cleanser.  Tear-free, plant-based cleanser perfect for the whole family. It is pH Balanced to remove dirt without stripping natural oils and protects tender  skin and delicate hair. Gentle enough for babies with sensitive skin, eczema, or cradle ap. Safe for Color-treated hair too. No harsh chemicals... it is hypoallergenic, tear-free, color-safe, vegan, biodegradable, pH balanced, naturally non-toxic.

I have a monthly subscription to the honest company and will be reviewing this item in the near future after I receive my items. They have several other items on their website beside what I have reviewed here and what I will review in my box. Check out their website and see what they have available for you and your family.

Until next time,

~Cristina, AKA Stay at Home Mom of 3

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