is a monthly subscription box that costs only $7. You'll receive 5-8 items in each box and there are two different boxes. Tasters and Kids. (The Kids box is brand new and this is their first month... They did send some out last month to a select number of individuals but I believe it was this exact box.)

They are thinking of having two more boxes come out in the future: a Gluten Free Box, and a Healthy Box. They didn't list when or if they would be coming out with them, just that they are thinking of it... Noticed though that several of the items in the Kid's Box were Gluten free though.

According to their about page "If you're anything like us, you often find yourself
thinking, "I'm so tired of eating the same old thing." But branching out can be difficult. Why? Because trying new snacks are expensive, time-consuming and risky. What if it doesn't taste good? It's money down the drain, not to mention a dull and very disappointing meal... that's where Goodies Co. comes in."

To check them out for yourself, please visit their page Here


 The Snacks!!!

Hawaiian Animal Crackers (Cinnamon Graham)
Diamond Bakery
$1.79 for 2.5oz bag
Dive into a delicious sea full of crisp, sweet cinnamon-laced animal cookies. Dolphins, sharks, fish and more, these cookies are swimming with flavor. Baked fresh in Hawaii in a family-run bakery, they’re loaded with island fun.

Grammy Crisps
On sale for $1.49 for 4.5oz
These delightfully crisp, sweetly spiced gluten-free crackers will satisfy your sweet tooth without overdoing it. Made with 100% whole grains and 50% less fat than regular graham crackers, they’re a delicious and sensible sweet snack choice. 

Magic Milk Straws (Vanilla Milkshake)
Amazon $3.85
Where do they sale them close to you? (Click on that link to see where you can buy them)
$???? No price listed on website. I'll have to check it out when I go to the store next.
Regular milk transforms into a sweet, creamy vanilla milkshake with this magical straw. Simply dip the straw into a glass of plain milk (do NOT cut the straw) and let the beads work their magic. Sip, smile and enjoy the cool, tasty shake that appears

My children LOVE THESE!!!! We haven't ever tried the Vanilla as my 6 year old tells
me. I think though that they'll will be a hit with them also!!

Enjoy Life Chocolate Chip
Enjoy Life Foods
$4.99 7oz box(14 cookies)
My package = about $0.71
Crisp, crunchy and loaded with semi-sweet chocolate chips, this cookie will rival even grandma’s version. Plus, uniquely handcrafted to be gluten-free and free of the 8 most common allergens, it’s sure to make all tummies happy.

Mott's Medleys (assorted fruit)
$3.98/ box of 24 pouches
My packages = about $0.17
Made with real fruit and vegetable juice, these tasty fruit snacks are sweet, chewy and flavorful. Apple, pear and carrot juice lend natural sweetness to the fun fruit-shaped chews. They’re loaded with Vitamin C and just 80 calories per pouch. My children and I are already fans of the Mott's fruit snacks. It was great to have it in the box. They LOVED THEM!!! Even my 14 month old enjoys them. He can't get enough!

Tangy Zangy Twisters (Sour Wild Berry)
Where to find them
$??? No price on this item either. They have a list of about 36 places to buy them non of which are close to where I live. I didn't check out their websites either to see if you could purchase them online.
Prepare your taste buds for a super sour experience! These gummy twists of vibrant red and blue are tart and chewy with wild berry flavor. Just enough of a sugary dusting restores balance to your puckered palate. How sweet (and sour) it is!
Well, they were good. I'll say that. I'm a fan of sour things, so after I tried it I figured that I just couldn't tell. My 14 month old son wanted one, so I figured why not. He tries everything else. He didn't even make a face when he ate it. So, I'm going to say that these weren't sour at all. I'm pretty sure a 14 month old would make a face still if it were sour.

Bare Fruit
Crunch Fuji Red Apple Chips
$4.98/ 2 packages
On sale for $2.48/ 2 packages
So my package = about $1.24
Slowly baked in a wood-burning oven to intensify the natural flavor of Fuji apples, these chips are sweet, crisp and satisfying. They’re also high in fiber, low in calories and 100% natural. You know what they say about an apple a day…

 I noticed that only 2 items were  available for purchase on the website. I haven't had that issue with any of my previous boxes. You could easily find most if not all the items on their website. I'm not sure if it's just the kid's box or what... Guess we'll find out in the next few days after I receive my Taster's Box.
With guessing the milkshake straws at $3.85 via Amazon. And then not putting a price down for the Tangy Zangy Twisters... I come up with a total of $9.25... So yeah, the box only cost me $7... It was worth it. That and we'll be trying a few different items that we never have, along with a few that my kids LOVE!!!
Until Next Time,
~Cristina AKA Stay at Home Mom of 3

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