is a subscription box that is sent to you each month for only
$7. Their website is

My first box will be here in July, and since I signed up at the beginning
of June (missed the deadline for the June box.) I was eager to try some of their
items. I went to the shop part of the store, and you can purchase items from
past boxes. I scanned over all of the items and decided upon three items. They
are listed below.

Rocky Mountain Popcorn - Cinnamon Sugar (3 pack)
(Picture is from the website

These were really good. At only $4.47 for the three of them, I didn't seem to think that this was a bad deal. Each bag has about 1.7oz, which to me seemed to be big enough for a snack. My two daughters and I each ate a bag; although, my bag of popcorn was shared with my 11 month old. All four of us really enjoyed the Cinnamon Sugar flavored
popcorn. The only downside of this, is that I found it at my local store for only $1 a bag. So, I have since bought these again at my local store since they are cheaper there.

Olomomo Nuts - Cherry Vanilla Dream Almonds (4 pack)
(Picture is from the website

These just looked good, so I decided to purchase these. For the 4 packs, it is $9.16 and each pack is 1.5oz. A little expensive yes. But I haven't been able to located anything
close to this flavor of Almonds. My daughters and I each had one (we have one left in our cupboard that I am now thinking of going to eat. lol) Both my daughters and I enjoyed these.

Brownie Brittle - Salted Caramel
(Picture is from the website

The bag is 4oz and is $3.99 each. There really is a lot in this bag. I am the type of person who likes my brownies gooey, so although this sounded great, I wasn't so sure. I really just ordered it for my daughters, but this ended up being my favorite item out
of the three that I ordered. I have given my 11 month old son bits and pieces of this as well, and he has enjoyed them thus far. I will be ordering this item again, I just wish that this was located at my local store too.

Until next time,

~Cristina AKA Stay at home mom of 3

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