Kid's Box is a Wal-Mart brand that is a monthly subscription. They offer two boxes: The Tasters and Kids... Both of them are $7 a month and have 5-8 snacks. will help you discover new snacks that you'll love.

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The Products This Month


Organic Pasta Sauce
(Searched who carried it using link above, and Wal-Mart does... Well, not mine, but two an hr and a half away does... So I have no idea how much this is)

Made with kids in mind, this organic tomato sauce is mild (not salty, spicy, sour or bitter) yet full of flavor. Fresh with a hint of sweetness, it’s made with premium Italian tomatoes, no garlic or hot peppers. Toss with pasta to make little ones happy.


The Nesquik bunny as a new treat to share. Creamy strawberry filling sandwiched between crisp chocolate cookies. Rich chocolate and bright strawberry. The combo is irresistible. Enjoy with a tall glass of milk as a sweet afternoon treat.

The Nesquik bunny has a new treat to share. Creamy chocolate filling sandwiched between crisp chocolate cookies. They’re are a chocolate-lovers dream. Dunk them in (dare we say chocolate) milk and be happy.

I tried both of these, and I have to say that I seem to enjoy them more than Oreos... I haven't been able to find them in the stores yet... I hope they appear on the shelves soon... They left me wanting more!!!

Cow Wow
Cereal Milk
Located in several places in California... So, not close to my location at all...
Case of 18 for $36

The best part of a bowl of cereal? The sweet, sugary milk at the bottom, of course! Skip straight to the good stuff with Cow Wow Cereal Milk, sweet and chocolate-y organic low fat milk. No refrigeration required; it’s the perfect lunchbox treat.

Sour Power Straws
Not sold from their site
My Brands <--- sold here Just couldn't find the cotton candy flavor
$21.03 for 24ct

One whiff and you’re standing at the county fair with a wispy cloud of spun sugar in your hand. At first bite, these pink and blue gummy straws taste just like sweet cotton candy. Then the underlying hint of Sour Power makes you pucker.

Kettle Corn

$24.99 per Case of 8 bags (8oz each)

Nothing captures the perfect balance of sweet and salty quite like kettle corn. Oogie’s updated version is made with sea-salted GMO-free corn in a sugary sweet coating. It’s perfectly balanced and just plain fun to munch.

Check out my next post on the Taster's Box!!!

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