Little Passports is a monthly subscription box that follows Sam and Sofia. In this case (US edition) we follow them to two different states each month. The US edition is aimed towards 7-12 year olds and is $11.95/month.

Here is my YouTube video of the unboxing...
My step-daughter seemed excited for it. I think a large part of that was because my 3 year old daughter had received the World Edition in the mail the previous week, so she couldn't wait to see what the US Edition was all about.
Here is what was included in the US Edition:
So, it doesn't exactly expand, but it looks just like one. This is what everything comes in, and where you can keep all of your things stored that will be coming in the future.


Inside it hast a list of all 50 states that you are supposed to mark off which ones you've been to. There is a "My Profile" page where you put a self portrait picture of yourself, your Name, birthdate, and hometown. An about me page asks about where you live, the capital of your state, your favorite thing about living in your city, how many of the 50 states you've visited, what state you want to visit and why, and which family/friends live in other states. An "Exploring the USA" page follows, which has you use the map to
find the answer to the different questions. Next is a "Photo Scavenger Hunt"
which you will use your...
to take photos of the different items/places/ etc.
Finally, you'll come to the last 50 pages which are all the same (Wonder why. LOL) You'll receive stickers with each state and they are of the state, state animal, state seal, state bird, state flower, and then the state flag. They have a few questions that you answer after you've learned about that state.

Inside you find 6 USA scratch pages that are of the Oregon Trail, Symbols of the USA, Famous Landmarks, National Parks, Food in the USA, and Tornado Alley. There is a blank page where you are supposed to draw your hometown, or something from your hometown anyways. The last page is a USA sticker page. Yes they are stickers!!

Then there is the map. It is a big map I'd say close to 21" by 28" or close to that without taking out the measuring tape. It shows all 50 states and some landmarks or different items are located on that map that make you think of that particular state.

 Both of my daughters are looking forward to their next box from Little Passports, as
they have both said they wish it were next month already. I will post the pictures that we take on the Photo Scavenger Hunt. I am buying an extra disposable camera for my 3 year old because I know she will want to take her own pictures as we go on the scavenger hunt together.

If you'd like to receive $10 off your order, and you've never ordered from Little Passports, comment with your e-mail address and I'll send you an e-mail so we can both receive $10 off our next order.

Until next time,

Cristina AKA Stay at Home Mom of 3

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