Little Passports is a monthly subscription box that teaches your little ones either about the US or the World. When you sign up, you have the choice to either choose the US edition, or World Edition.
Check out Little Passports at

They have 4 payment options...
Monthly- $11.95/ month which is billed monthly
3-Month- $13.95/ month which $41.85 is due upfront
6-Month- $13.95/ month which $83.70 is due upfront
12-Month- $10.95/ month which $131.40 is due upfront
If you'd like to receive $10 off your first order, please send me your e-mail address as that is the only way I can give you the $10 off. Crazy I know. :(

I'll talk about the US Edition when my step-daughter receives hers in the mail. So... Stay tuned for that coming up probably within the week I'd guess.
World Edition

 It is aimed towards 5-10 year old... So, My daughter is
only 3 1/2... But I tried to find something for her that I thought She'd enjoy.
She loves stickers and loves to learn.

The 1st month you receive a Suitcase, a letter, map,
passport, stickers, boarding pass, picture, and activities page. To see my
review of the 1st box check it out HERE.

Sam and Sofia told their scooter to go to the amethyst mines in Maraba. They sent my daughter one so she could see how beautiful it was. Found a website for the Amethyst HERE that I enjoyed. Learned a little more about Amethysts. :)


Passport stamp and Map Marker
You are supposed to put the Brazil Flag Stamp" (actually a sticker) in your passport, and the Map Marker sticker on the world map where Brazil is. I decided that we should probably put it on the capital since it never actually said where
to put it.

Federal Republic of Brazil
This is a sticker that you are supposed to put on the out side of the suitcase. So, it is on the outside of the suitcase that already has two stickers on it.... Sam and Sofia.

Here's the letter that Sam and Sofia sent this month. It talks about their adventure and about the picture of the monkey and the amethyst.


Activity Page
I'll be helping my daughter with this, a like I said, she's only 3 1/2. I wait a couple weeks to do this, so it doesn't seem to far away till she gets her next
package. After finishing the activity page, part of it says where you'll be visiting next.


Red Uakari Monkey

These are an endangered species with a reddish/orange coat and a bright red face. I looked this animal up on the National Geographic website HERE so I could tell my daughter a little bit more about the monkey. She seemed to enjoy learning a little bit about the monkey. Apparently this is her favorite animal now. LOL...

Boarding Pass
There is a boarding pass also that has a secret code which allows you to go to the little passports website, where they have different activities and games for your child. My daughter enjoyed this last month, so I can't wait to see what this month has in store for us to do.

Like I said, stay tuned for my step-daughter's US Edition. Can't wait to see which two states we travel to this month.
Until Next Time,
Cristina, AKA Stay At Home Mom of 3

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