Love With Food is a monthly subscription box that has 8+ new gourmet foods. it is $12/month (this one includes the $2 shipping). 

They have a different theme each month and your box has both samples and full sized items.
I really like this monthly subscription box because they donate a meal to a hungry child with every box that is ordered. So you get to try some new foods and help someone out in the process... can't go wrong there.

3 month- $36
6 month- $66 only $1 for shipping (I've included it in this price)
12 months- $120 shipping is free

The descriptions from the items in my box are from the Love With Food Website! unless otherwise stated...

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The Products this month are...

Chef Ming Tsai
This talks about his cook book and where you can purchase it... 
It is $35 BTW....
This month's theme is Chef Ming Tsai
September is Hunger Action Month where over 200 food banks across the country rally together to raise awareness about hunger that plagues many within the USA. Love With Food, along with Chef Ming Tsai, are happy to play a part in this movement as we donate one meal to feed a hungry child in the USA for every box sold. Enjoy Chef Ming Tsai's hand-picked selection of Gluten-free items, and we look forward to fighting Childhood Hunger one Tasting Box at a Time!
Cheddar Cheese Organicasaurus 
From Good Boy Organics

$24.00 for 16 bags (.53oz/bag)
My single bag is $1.50

Thanks to Good Boy Organic's, lunch has become fun again. No need for a time machine: one bite of the certified organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free cheesy Organicasaurus and you'll be transported back to the cave man days! Tame your hunger and let your inner dinosaur ROAR! Oh and did we mention it's also baked and not fried and therefore has 40% less fat than regular corn cheese puffs?

Go ahead, enjoy the whole bag!

Roasted Red Pepper and Artichoke Bruschetta
From Milas Foods

$17.88  for 12 pads (1.42oz/pad)
My single pad is $1.49

Craving some chips and dip? Dipin Dip's all natural Roasted Pepper and Artichoke bruschetta is made from black olives, extra virgin olive oil and a lip-smacking heap of mountain herbs .

With only 70 calories, this gluten free and jet-setter friendly dip can be spread on anything: saltine crackers, toasted bread, chips, or maybe just your spoon. One taste, and you'll be pining for more!

Bluberry Fruit Bar
From Betty Lou's

$17.10 for 12 bags (2oz/bag)
My single bag is $1.43

A delicious gluten-free all-natural snack with the taste of homemade baked cobbler! All sugars come from natural fruit and fruit juice. For as little as 180 calories, both kids and adults will love and devour each blueberry-licious bar!

Roasted Garlic Hummus
From Wild Garden
(I couldn't locate this on their website so I used Amazon... The description & price is from Amazon as well.)

$15.50/10 packets (1.76oz/packet)
My packet is $1.50

Wild Garden Hummus Dip is an all-natural creamy garbanzo bean dip with no preservatives or cholesterol and absolutely no trans fats. Order includes one 2.4 oz single serve pack that is great for kids' lunches and snacks at the park or camp because it needs no refrigeration! Unique, healthy party favor! Gluten Free! Nutritionals: A 2 TBSP serving is only 35 calories with 2 grams of fat and 70 mg of sodium. 4g Carbohydrates, 1 g of fiber, 2 grams of fiber, and less than 1 g of sugar. Ingredients: Water, chick peas, sesame paste, sea salt, spices, citric acid.

100% Natural Crunchy Cinnamon Apple Chips
From Bare Fruit

$27.00/18 bags (.53oz/bag)
My single bag is $1.50

A 100% organic, healthy snack you and your family will love. Low in calories, high in fiber and naturally sweet, Bare Snacks is the perfect in-between snack or lunch time addition.

Their exclusive process bakes the apple chip in a way that the natural sugars caramelize on the outside. This provides a sweet and tart flavor combination without adding sugars or flavors.

Be sure to enjoy this treat with a cool glass of lemonade over the summer, or as a light dessert after a hearty meal in the fall. You'll never think twice about eating bare snacks again.

These really are good. My children and I have received a similar flavor I believe in the past from a different subscription box. They are great and we all enjoy them! Great way to get your apple a day. :)

Cherry Berry Raw Cookie
From Licious Organics

$29.99/9 packs (you receive 3 of each flavor: Cranberry Almond, Chocolate Peanut butter, and Cherry Berry. Each pack is oz each)
My single pack is $3.33

Cranberry Almond Cookie:
If you're looking for something delicious and nutritious but without chocolate, Licious Organic's raw style unbaked honey Cranberry and Almond Cookie fits the bill. Its packed with juicy cranberries, offers a nice crunchy texture with almonds and wholesome goodness with oats. All certified organic ingredients.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Unbaked Honey Cookies

Chocolate and peanut butter as a combination is everyone's favorite. This raw style unbaked honey cookie almost melts in your mouth with organic chocolate chips, fresh organic cinnamon and creamy organic peanut butter. This is a favorite with the kids!

Cherry Berry (nut free) Unbaked Honey Cookies Try our raw style unbaked honey cookie. It's our option for those of us in the gluten free world and they're delicious. Sweet and crunchy flavors meld with nutritious organic oats and delicious organic cherries and blueberries. Who says you have to sacrifice flavor to be gluten free!

The Cherry Berry was good.  I wasn't so sure since it stated they were raw style unbaked honey cookies, but they turned out to be really good and it left me wanting more. If they weren't so expensive I actually would purchase them again!!

Sipping Broth
From Millies Savory Teas

Indian Spice and Spicy Tortilla

$29.95/ 35 bags (15 of each flavor and then a 5  pack sample of all their flavors.)
Each bag is $0.86 so my two bags are $1.72 total

1 tin of Spicy Tortilla (15 tea bags) 
1 tin of Indian Spice(15 tea bags) 
Plus a 5 pack sample of all flavors
 (total of 35 bags)
Sample pack is: Tomato Basil, Spicy Tortilla, Indian Spice, Thai Lemongrass, & Smokey Facon

Millies Sipping broth is a blend of savory herbs and spices infused with loose leaf green tea. Excellent as an alternative to coffee or plain tea. Each cup

Each tin comes with 15 tea bags that makes 8 oz cups each. To prepare, just boil water, pour into a cup then add a tea bag and let steep for 2 minutes, stir and enjoy. Let the bag steep longer for a more intense flavor.

Cinnamon Crunch 
From Cosmos Creations

$25.20/18 bags (.75oz each)
My Single bag is $1.40

Cinnamon has long been known for its healing qualities. We can’t think of any better therapy than our unique blend of cinnamon sugar-infused caramel. Craving the perfect recipe? This is sweet relief. Pure, natural ingredients combined to make a snack that’s deliciously addictive.

Yes... VERY addictive... I've received these in one of my past subscription boxes and they were great. I enjoyed having them in this subscription box!!

Fruit Snacks
From YumEarth Organics

$13.00/12 bags (.7oz each)
My single bag is $1.09

Banana, Cherry, Peach, and Strawberry, oh my! These are the four main flavors that you will find in each bag of YumEarth fruit snacks. These mouth-watering snacks and sweets are made with organic and natural ingredients, and have no artificial colors or flavors, and free of the major allergens, such as gluten, nuts and dairy.

If you add up all 9 items the total is $14.96... and although I received this box for free. It still adds up to more than the $12 the box would have cost me. If you would like to check out Love With Food for yourself, please use my referal link THANK YOU!!!
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