Hey guys!! I am a BzzAgent.
What's that? Well, according to their website HERE They are the Leading social marketing company. They put the products in the hands of hundreds of thousands of REAL customers (Just like me) and have us share our opinions of the different products. We can and do use anything to get the word out there on a product. I am NOT paid for MY OPINIONS. I can say whatever I feel about a product. If I don't like it, then that is what I say. If I like it or love it... 

well, then I say that. Again, I am not being compensated for my opinion. No one is influencing me on my opinions either!! They are mine (and my families)... no one else's!!! If I have a friend or other children around while I review these products, you'll know about it. If my kids have their opinions of it, you'll know about it! I'll keep you in the loop, and give you the 411. LOL

I receive the products free of charge... All I have to do is go to their website HERE and when there are survey's available, I just fill them out honestly. They use those surveys and figure out which products would be best for my family and I to try out. They send me an e-mail and suggest that I try this Campaign or that Campaign. If I'd like to try that particular product out, then I accept. Some of the times they'll send you the products in the mail, and other times they don't need to. For Example... I accepted their Campaign about Redbox Instant By Verizon (check out my blog post HERE). They didn't need to send me anything in the mail. I just went to their website through the link that BzzAgent sent me. This time, they sent me my product in the mail...

Magic Jinn

So, have you guys heard of Magic Jinn? Yeah, me
neither. It is a relatively NEW toy by Hasbro. It is for ages 6+ and for only 1 player (although, my girls and I have done it together as a family) You think of any animal... Yes... ANY ANIMAL and then Magic Jinn asks you questions to try and guess which animal you are thinking of.

You'll answer his questions with: Yes, No, I Don't Know, or It Depends. There are a few times that you'll need to say: Ok, Say It Again, and Go Back. I do have to say that it takes 3AAA Batteries that weren't included in the box.

I had no idea what it was or what it did. I didn't
see any Magic Jinn's in my local stores, but I did Google it... Found a few stores online that sold it. (Wal-Mart apparently does... still haven't seen Magic Jinn in My local Wal-Mart!!) I decided that my girls (ages 6 and 3 1/2)  would probably enjoy it, as well as myself. :) If not, then my 14 month old would probably get a kick out of a toy just talking!

The blue one, (which I've found is the only one
that you can seem to purchase anywhere online) tries to guess which animal you are thinking of. After Googling images of Magic Jinn, I've noticed that there seem to be two other colors:
Purple (Food and Drinks)
Yellow (couldn't find what this one guesses)

I have found that they are available for purchase at:
Hasbro Toy Shop $19.99 each
Amazon $19.99 each
Toys R Us $19.99 each
Kmart $21.99 each
Target $19.99 each

I am sure that they are available at several other
stores; however, these are just the more popular stores that I can think of. 



He's not very big... I couldn't find a ruler (No idea why I couldn't find one... I have bought several in the past, and have kids that use them... Think I could find one when I needed it??? NOPE) So instead I used a sharpie... We have all used them, so why not. It's a great frame of reference I think.

Check out my

 My 6 year old tried this product. It could understand her, and after several attempts at guessing her animal (Giraffe) Magic Jinn guessed it. A few of the animals that it thought it was were animals that I had no idea of what the animals were. For example... a Dromedary.. HU?!?!?! I had to look it up online... It's a Camel. LOL So guess if you try and find an unknown animal, research it a bit, and see if Magic Jinn
can think of it... Try it out. After learning what a Dromedary was, I wonder if it knows several animals. :)
My 3 year old tried it and Magic Jinn could understand her as well. Now understand that most people can understand her as well, so Magic Jinn didn't have to try to hard to listen. She wanted Magic Jinn to guess an Elephant. It went through a couple guesses and knew what she was thinking. She laughed so hard each time it didn't guess her animal. Then was AMAZED that it did guess it.
All while this is going on, my 14 month old son kept trying to say no. A few times Magic Jinn picked up his voice; therefore, if it wasn't the right answer I had to tell Magic Jinn "Go Back", that way my daughter could answer with the correct answer.

Hope this gives you a little bit of information about Magic Jinn!! If any of you guys would like to purchase one, I have a few $5 off coupons that I can send you... Send me an e-mail... I think the upper right corner icon works... I'll send one out to you!

Until Next Time,

~Cristina, AKA Stay At Home Mom of 3

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