The Honest Company has few different subscription boxes. They aren't like other subscription boxes as you can select exactly what you'd like them to send you and how often you'd like them to send it to you.
I have both the Diapers/Wipes ($79.95) and the Essentials ($35.95) sent to me. Although I don't have the diapers sent to me each month, I do try and receive the Essentials bundle each month.
The Essentials Bundle has five items that re non-toxic, personal care and home cleaning items. You are even able to add up to three extra items each month. Those three items are 25% off!!!!

Check out my YouTube video of this months box!!

This months items are...

Essentials Bundle
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Oxy Boost
  • Oxy Boost
  • Suds Up Dish Brush & Ceramic Foaming Base
  • Bug Spray

  • Add-Ons
  • Conditioning Mist
  • Dryer Cloths
  • Organic Cotton Dish Towels

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    Laundry Detergent

    I haven't finished the first one I bought last month but, I decided to buy another one just because. It will be very useful as I have found out that I can use this one my husbands FR (Fire Retardant) close. Although we still aren't under the same roof yet we hope to find a house in Wyoming soon. So, hence my decision to buy this without having finished even half of the first bottle. I don't want to be caught up in the move and unpacking and forget about having soap that I can use to wash his clothes!!!

    I am still using this on my step-daughters clothes and they have no hint of urine. :) YAY!!!

    Oxy Boost

    Yes, I know... 2 more. :( But they come in so handy with my step-daughters clothes and I don't want to be caught without them and have a load of her laundry to do. They are working so well, I want to keep them handy and have enough!!

    Suds Up Dish Brush & Ceramic Foaming Base

    I still haven't used this as I am saving this for the new house. I don't want to end up with soap everywhere in a moving box.. LOL. But I can't wait to use this. It looks cool and I'm a sucker for new things. :(

    Bug Spray

    Yes, I know I just received one last month... There is no possible way that I've gone through that already... and you know what??? You're right. I haven't gone through it. I've used it a few times and since the one from last month is in my diaper bag it has come in VERY handy!!! I just wanted one for home and for whenever I run out of the other one.

    My husband doesn't seem to mind the smell and I had to spray it on him when we went to go see him a week ago!

    Conditioning Mist

    I wanted to try this since my hair can be SO FRIZZY!!! I have tried several things and thought why not, because then I'll know if it works or not. 
    It seems to work pretty good actually. I don't have to worry about having some gel in my hand sand having to spread it through my hair... I can just spray it on. I've even used it on my daughter and she loves it as well. Her hair isn't so frizzy yet, just curly like mine used to be when was younger... (or maybe the frizz bothers me more now.. who knows)

    I might buy another one next month just to have another one around the house!!

    Dryer Cloths

    I figured "why not" when I added this to my box this month... I already use the laundry soap and the oxy boost, so why not try these with my step-daughter's clothes. They seem to be working well alongside it's other partners in crime. :)
    They are wet and hold up in the dryer well. I'm glad that they don't' break apart and leave a mess on my dry clothes. They seem to get caught to her clothes and if I don't watch closely It'll end up in her closet or dresser attached to a shirt or pants.

    Organic Cotton Dish Towels

    Comes with two dish towels. I love this towel. I have some others that are completely useless in drying or cleaning something up. This absorbs the mess and I love that!! I have only used the one and it is hanging up in my kitchen. I've used it for spilled juice, to dry off dishes, dry off my hands, clean my kids faces and hands.
    Seems to be holding up really well, and I'm thankful that it is quality made.

    If you would like to check out the Honest Company's website you can go here --->
    *DISCLAIMER* I do receive credit if you use my link and are a 1st time buyer!! (THANK YOU)

    or to check out my 1st box and a description of all their items go to my other blog 

    Have a subscription box that you just aren't sure about? Leave me a comment with the link and I'll check it out and maybe even subscribe to a month or two to check it out. Then you'll know exactly what it's about!!!
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