Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that is geared towards Newborns-5years old. It is also gender specific. You will receive 4 or more products each month that are the best products for kids and parents.

You can choose one of three options for billing:
Monthly- $25/month and it is billed monthly
3 Month- $25/month and $75 is due upfront
6 Month- $21/month and $125 is due upfront

If you would like to check Citrus Lane out for yourself click HERE to save $10.
 **We will both receive the $10 credit***

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The item descriptions are from the card that they included in the box this month. The Review is my personal opinion of the item after we've interacted/ used the item.
5" Playground Ball (Assorted) from Crocodile Creek
Crocodile Creek
Children at every age and stage absolutely love to play with rubber balls, and if they learn to catch, throw, and kick while having fun, all the better. These playground balls from Crocodile Creek are made of heavy-duty textured rubber in really cool
colors and prints (please let us choose for you) and can be used indoors or out. 
Free from PVC, BPA, and vinyl.
Use Code CITRUS10 for 10% off your order.

Once my son woke up from his nap, he saw this is the box and said "That"... He knew
what it was and wanted to play with it. He carries it around with him. I've tried to play catch with him, but after a little bit of me pretty much dropping it into his hands as he stands in front of me, he's off to play with something else, or off to play with his ball somewhere else. He enjoys playing with balls, so I'm sure this will get quite a bit of use out of it.

All Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes from CleanWell
$10.99 for 2 Canisters of 40 wipes each
So, mine is about $5.50 for 1 canister
These biodegradable wipes are made with a special formulation of thyme oil that kills germs naturally--alcohol-free and safe for sensitive skin. You can use them to clean messy faces, grimy hands and small scrapes--you can even use them in an emergency diaper-changing situation.
Use code CWCL13 for 20% off your order.

Since these are sanitizing wipes, I am planning on putting them into my car. I've  found that quite a bit of things that I receive from my son's two subscription boxes (Citrus Lane and Bluum) ends up in the car, but that's because they are so useful for when I'm away from home. I use baby wipes to wash my kids hands off when we're in the car or at the park. These will be useful when I really needs to get them clean and a baby wipe just won't do the trick. For instance just as they stated in their description... When one of my kids, or someone else I know, gets hurt and we need to clean their wound, a baby wipe just won't completely work. These Sanitizing wipes will do the trick.... Great item in my mind.

Adhesive Bandages (Assorted) from Ouchies Jr.
Ouchies Jr.
$5.00 for 20 bandages
It's certainly no fun getting hurt, but these adorable bandages will make your child feel just a little better. Founded by a dad who was fed up with all the boring beige Band-Aids out there and with the help of his wife, he decided to create fun designs that would allow children to show off their unique style. All are 100% latex free, and packaged in lead-free tins.

Since my son is only 13 months (won't be 14 till beginning of next month), I really don't use Band-Aids on him. The only time he has ever had them on was when he received his shots at the doctors office. Yes, he has had scrapes and a few minor cuts, but my son is the type that if he can get to them, he'll take it off and probably put it into his
mouth. All of his scrapes and few minor cuts have 1) stopped bleeding shortly after he got it, and 2) been where he can see, thus, take the Band-Aid off, he doesn't get them. I know that as he gets older he'll understand better... Even though I do have 2 girls that are older, I think I'll save these just for him... Hey, they are his, and he is the only boy. The girls have their Dora, Princess, and Hello Kitty ones, as well as the Single Color (but have different colors in the box) Band-Aids.

Mighty Shield Bug Repellent Lotion from Episencial
$12.00 for 3.4oz
I only received a .5oz sample... so worth about $1.76
The great outdoors are great until the bugs start biting. here's a repellant that's safe for the whole family to use. Enriched with plant nectars and essential oils to keep little critters away. It's lightweight and non-greasy so it keeps your skin
feeling fresh and hydrated. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin and previous bites. Use alone or layer beneath sunscreen.
Use code CITRUSSUMMER for $5 off any order over $25, with free shipping.
I haven't used the Bug Repellent Lotion that I received in my free samples. Here's the Link to that Blog

So, I can't tell you if it works or not, and how it actually feels on the kids. I haven't seemed to need the bug repellent yet *crosses fingers*... The flies  were crazy last month and kept biting you. This month however, they haven't been  bothering my kids or I. Which I find to be a really good thing. I'll continue to  think of this, and put it into my purse or diaper bag, so when the time comes and it's needed it'll be there.

Free Trial Offer from FabKids

 New Member exclusive. Get 50% off your 1st outfit!

 I receive my 1st outfit for free with this trial offer!!
Kids are constantly outgrowing their clothes, which is why we like the new subscription service from FabKids. With tons of adorable styles to choose from, you can keep your little one outfitted in all the latest trends without breaking the bank. Use the unique code found on the insert to receive a free outfit ($39.95 in value)! Fabkids starts at size 2T, but since kids grow at different rates we sent the offer to everyone. If your little one isn't quite there yet, we would encourage you to either buy an outfit now and save it for later, buy for a sibling, or give as a gift. Offer valid for new subscribers only.
Offer valid 8/15/2013 through 9/8/2013
So, I checked out FabKids and it is a subscription box... Go Figure. LOL I wanted to
see what outfits they had as well as what their clothes looked like. I added items to my cart, went to look at my cart, and this is what I saw on the right hand column of the page:
VIP MEMBERSHIP PROGRAMWith this purchase, you are activating your VIP Membership.
VIP membership perks
*All FabKids outfits $39.95
*Save up to 50% off regular retail prices
*Free Shipping On All Orders & Returns
*Returns and exchanges are easy and shipping is always free.

FabKids Rewards
*Earn points towards free outfits with every purchase. Then below that it said how
VIP membership program works
*Get a personalized FabShop on the 1st of every month.
*Receive new styles handpicked just for your kid by our style team each month.
*Visit your FabShop by the 10th of the month.Check out your new outfits by the 10th of the month. Every FabKids outfit is just $39.95.*No obligation to buy. Skip any month. If you are not ready to make a purchase, simply Skip The Month by the 10th and you will not be charged. Skip as many months as you'd like. If you do not take an action between the 1st and the 10th of the month, you will be charged $39.95 for a member credit on the 11th. Each credit can be redeemed for 1 FabKids outfit, so use it to shop later!

THEREFORE; be careful if you do decide to purchase an outfit. I want you to be careful on the "FINE PRINT!!!"

Octopus Opposites from Barefoot Books
Barefoot Books
Was $7.99
Now $6.39
Here's a fun way for your child to learn the concepts of opposites. They'll be drawn to the bright, boldly illustrated images and rhyming text that helps develop early reading skills--octopus fat, octopus thin, sea urchin out, sea urchin in. We always value the opportunity to partner with Barefoot Books, who believe in empowering children through the love of reading.

 Use Code EXPLORE  for 20% off your order
Read this book to my son. He was smiling the whole time. It has such bright colors like the description said. I got a kick out of reading it to him, and when I was done, he tried to turn it over and open it again. I'm assuming so I could read  it to him again... I did.... He didn't try to stop me from turning a page, or stop me from reading. I think that he really did enjoy the book. It's easy enough that if the child who's reading it knew what the animal was, they could read it as well.

This is something new that they've added... Here is what that wording says at the bottom of the paper:

 Do-It-Yourself Bowling Pins.
At Citrus Lane, our goal is to help parents keep up with their children's changing needs and give you more time to connect with your little one. This month, we hope the whole family will love practicing ABC's and 123's with these adorable bowling pins.
We're sending these to only a select number of members to see if you like the idea of receiving special activities in the box, so be sure to let us know what you think at
1) Decorate the bowling pins... get creative!
2) Separate three double-sided bowling pins. Stand them on the floor.
3) Grab the Crocodile Creek ball included in this month's box and start Bowling!

I added on an item this month!!

The Zippered Wet / Dry Bag from Bumkins!
Bumkins Wet & Dry Bags feature two waterproof compartments for separating your wet and dry items along with a convenient snap handle for hanging or carrying. The zipper closure helps keep items safely inside while the unique fabric keeps stains and odors out. Designed to be durable yet lightweight, these bags also feature fun fashionable prints. 

Measures 12"W x 16"L. Machine wash and hang dry.
Totaling up everything (except the FabKids and my add-on-item) It was $26.64. So... Only $1.64 more than what I paid for the box. But you know what. I doubt I'd have
bought any of these items if they were sitting on the shelf. It is the experience of trying new things out is what I like.
So what if it is only a little more than what I paid for the box... I really don't care. I will continue to receive Citrus Lane, I am not disappointed in them at all, I  actually enjoy all of their items. Some are being played with now, others are in my car, or won't be used till he's a bit older, and yet, there are items that my whole family will use. Can't wait
for next months Citrus Lane Box

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